Tuesday, December 20, 2005



[i started working with my spraycans this week, i designed the electric circuit and mechanism inside the cans.]


[i figure out how to draw continuous lines of all colors in processing this week, well, it has a black background now, and tracking and drawing my red, green, blue LEDs. but still, the line of some colors are not "solid" enough i think, i might need to change a bit about their range of color values]

Sunday, December 11, 2005



[well, this workshop we talk about art and illusion, art andbrain, Richard's brain scan as well...and at the end of the workshop, Richard gave me help on processing, about my disappearing line problem. we tried a few methods like matrix() or noLoop. but finally, richard figure out that, basically, i just need to move some of my lines. but it can only draw red now. but i use the rest of my week to figure this out.]


[i dropped some note for myself, about how to finish my project.
- track colors (RGB)
- draw continuous lines or patterns (circle)
- if no specific colors (RGB), DON'T track any nearest colors
- able to clear the lines
- if track red, draw red; track green, draw green; track blue, draw blue.

jobs to do:
- figuer out how to make "layer" in processing
- find the ranges of value of R/G/B
- convert the video into solid color (white/black) as the background
- figure out how to clear the lines]

Sunday, December 04, 2005



[in this workshop, we were trying to control the AC current with a micro-controller. this practise extend the possibility of the use of micro-controller, and i think it may apply to our final project. basically what we have done is connect a reed relay into the circuit with our BX, and use it as a switch. and also connect it with the domestic light. before that, we tested the programme of the BX with LED, make sure it works. and in the programme of the BX is just sending a current to pin 12, turn it on and off in every half second. and finally it works!]


[this week, i figure out how to make my programme draw a continuous. but what i did is quite tricky, i think. i took away the image (video,0,0) command of the programme. and it ended up showing no image in the background but only the red dot which is tracking the red object. but i still need to improve it to a proper drawing function.]

[also, i wrote another programme to pixelated the web cam visual into a solid color. basically, this programme is for the Internet and Network Art module. but i found it maybe helpful to this project. as i can convert all the pixel into solid, so i will be able to control it only fill red, green or blue. and also track red, green or blue....]