Sunday, November 20, 2005



[today's workshop we talked about interactive arts and different artists works, like group of four artists based in London called Blast Theory, Char Davies, American installation artist Bruce Nauman etc. but personally i am very interest in Daniel Rozin's works, he is basically an interactive artist and most of his work contain video camera. and one of his work called Easel, which is using 3 video camera as a source, then you are able to select different cameras and start painting the same visual on the canvas by a back projection. check this movie clip to find out more ||]

[Easel - 1998]

[Shaking Time Mirror- 2005]

[as well as, Richard demonstrate some basic code of Processing which is really helpful and we were required to finish a mini-assignment for next week. which is to capture a photo by the webcam and then write a programme which is able to change its position and tint.]


[i found an example in, which is able to track the brightest pixel from the webcam and also able to change the trackColor by a mouse click. however, the image in the output window is a bit slow which is quite strange. but i think this is a really good demo as my starting point for the project. in this moment i am still studying how it works, especially the array which gone through all the pixels one by one, because of i will need to know the information it takes and the value, that will help me to develpoe it into what i need. after that, i will start writing my own to track color rather then brightness, and see how can i draw lines by moving the tracked object around.]


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