Saturday, October 29, 2005



[we played with our toys, and try to work on the circuit bending to make some funny sounds. however, no one turned up and notice us is the class keep going. so, i decided to leave at 11 and buy some electronic equipments, like variable resistors, in Maplin to go on playing with the circuit. finally, i did something wrong by accident, i thought i burned one resister, but i fixed it and still worked out something funny. by the way, thank you Ajit to give me the code of using switch in the BX24.]
//put switch live in or postive in pin 9 and ground other wire//
//put LED live in or postive in pin 12 and ground other wire//

Sub Main()

DIM A As byte
A = getPin(9)
Debug.print cstr(A)

if (A =1) Then
call putPin(12,1)

if (A =0) Then
call putPin(12,0)

end if
call delay(0.05)
end if
End Sub


[since i started brainstroming/researching the idea from week one, i came up with different ideas. and all of them are trying to fulfill artistic, technology, cultural, interactive, sensors, projection and installation aspects. for those aspects, i did research base on interactive art and urban culture. and i found some good example in || || || || etc. the first idea basically was inspired by the work, a_mirror, which is an installation that is comprised of a glass mirror, which reflects both in a physical and virtual way.]

[the idea is called, real-life microcontroller. basically it is an installation which contains many different sizes of monitors mounted on its individual tracks. and all monitors are attached with a recordable webcam to let participants to record their messages/opinions. as well as, same amount of sensors will be installed, to trigger motors on the tracks and moves the monitors along the track. basically, the motive is to make a real-life microcontroller, participant can set up different topics before they go in the installation. and then other participants can record their own opinion in a individual monitor. however, the processing part of the microcontroller will be your brain.]

[this is the second idea, which i have got last academic year for ||maverick machines||. basically, this is a continu of the nu balance 205 mannequin project. however, this time is to express violence in the world. in the rough idea, participant hit different patches of the midi drum kit, and then signal send to a laptop which has max/msp/jitter written in it, to trigger different sound effect of human fight and trigger the violence video frame by frame and project by a projector. so, u can make beat and rhythm by human sounds as well as the violence video. anyway, it is called nu balance 305]

[this is the final idea that i have got in the moment, basically it was another idea came up last year. however, it was a conceptual idea, because of some of the components in the input devices need to be figure out. for example, the device which track the movement of the sensors which is installed inside the fat cap of the customized spraycan, the color of the spraycan and the size of the line draw. the whole concept of the idea is to provide a platform for graffiti artists to tag or bomb landmarks by the use of technologies and dynamic visualization of a projector.]

[and then i started doing research on video/motion tracking and how other artists use projector. first of all, i found a chapter of the physical computing which is talking about video tracking, it mentioned how to use different programs, like Xtras of Director/max/Java/processing and microcontroller. it gave me a lot of clue and confidence to understand that, what i want to do is possible. || ||. other than that, i also found some sample code of the Director Xtra, named webcamXtra. i thought this will be what i need for the experiment! || ||. and the second thing was the inspiration by other artists, as the examples below, one of them are a student work from the Tisch ITP, new york university. which is an interactive menu, although i thought it is a bit commercial, but i was really impressed by the feel of the work, as well as the programming.]

[the other work that inspired/encouraged me to use projector is called parallel worlds. this is not an interactive piece, but i thought it is a good example to use a projection to express an artistic thought. the creator customized a suitcase, and put all the equipments needed inside, like computer, power supply and projector etc, and then attached it on the side of a metro. when the metro get into the tunnel, the projection was]

[after the specific research, i did a little bit modify for the idea, to make it more possible to be produce. firstly, i changed the sensor inside the fat cap to a LED which is connected with a simple circuit attached with batteries to turn it on/off. and the circuit will be installed inside the body of the spraycan, because of a bright object will be tracked with a better result by the webcam and infrared LED will be the best, because webcam can see IR then human eye. secondly, i will use webcam and Xtra plug-in of Director MX to track the motion of the LED, as well as identify the color of the LED. and finally the programme convert the motion of LED to line drawing and will be projected back by the projector. as well as we can project the visual to some famous landmarks to get more awareness...]

[the next thing i am going to do is to get into Director and its plug-in, test the mechanism of the spraycan circuit and research on how microcontroller can work with Director to simplify the project!]


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