Saturday, October 22, 2005



[introduction of circuit bending, Paul gave us tip how to simply figure out an existing circuit board, and how to use variable resistor to change the current of an electronic kids' paino and made weird sounds. i started to have a clue about the possibility of a micro-controller, for example i can simply hook up a sensor for the input device, connect it up with the BX24, write a simple program, and then i can kind of using the sensor to change the current rather then using the varaible resistor......other than that, Richard showed us another sample circuit for the BX24 and to write a program to make the LED blink. like what i have said in the last post, i learn better after failure, this week i connect the power supply all the way round. then i discovered, if you make a mistake like that, you will not burn your BX at first, it will only heat up your voltage regulator ......if you know it before it burned.]

[i started doing the research from - - try to go through their notes and get a better theoretical and practical ideas. i found some of their students' work, gave me a lot of inspiration, and would like to bring up one here - - personally, i thought it is kind of commerial, but it will work in the real life and it is a good example of using a projector for me. in the comming days will keep doing research and try to generate ideas for the final assessment.]


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